10 on 10 | june

holy smokes. for the first time in months i am able to contribute to this month’s 10 on 10 project – and i am thrilled! i love that this group, and the project we are creating, forces me to spend time intentionally capturing my family during the daily grind. this month i chose to shoot on a day that was one like many families can relate to, especially this time of year. it was the last week of school for our older two kids and everything was seemingly coming to a head on this particular day – one where i was forced to keep everyone alive, organized and fed while running on three (THREE!!) hours of sleep. it was a challenge, but i am thankful to report we all lived and made it through relatively unscathed. 😉











next up in our circle of talented photographers is Kylie Dunlop | Sydney, Australia



january | 10 on 10

i am thrilled to be re-joining a talented group of photographers for a 2015 10 on 10 project! photography projects have become such a fantastic way for me to be intentional about capturing my own family, while challenging my skills and creativity.  most of all, i love looking back at the end of the year to see all of the moments – big and small – i capture through this.

be sure to explore our circle of photographers this month! next up is the lovely Sarah Libby-Hancox from St. Catharines, Ontario.

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sick | everyday

there’s nothing like a break from school and the daily grind to inspire me to pay my oh-so-neglected photography blog some love. busy days turn into busy weeks, and busy weeks turn into months and months have gone by where i’ve totally ignored my love for capturing my family in the everyday moments. spring thru fall tend to be such busy times for me photographing other people’s families (which i do very much enjoy), but i am finding it leaves little energy and time to spend photographing the little ones that inspired me to teach myself how to really use my camera in the first place! i’m thankful for this past season though, as it has given me a clear gauge to help me better balance my photography work load and the needs of my family. because in the end, i love capturing these moments in my home. it is so important to me. today was an especially lazy day. with four young kids our home can become a full-fledged petri dish of nastiness – and it has. since friday we’ve been rockin’ strep, fevers, and fifths disease – and that’s only with two of our kids…we wait for the other two to join the others, or add some other new sickness to the mix. 😉 i’m especially thankful though, as the older two were still feeling good enough to want to have a little fun in the kitchen making salt dough ornaments. and so we did. and it was so much fun. it was such a mess, but so fun to just watch them have at it. what you won’t see in these pictures was the end result of my entire island and floor literally covered in flour. and the older three were almost white. but, if you look carefully, you’ll notice #4 was incessantly playing under the sink. so, i had to abandon my camera in the name of keeping my baby from eating dish detergent and pouring castile soap all over the floor. 🙂





anderson {family}

i was thrilled when my neighbor asked if i’d be interested in doing a session for her and her growing family. our families moved into our neighborhood within a few months of each other, and ironically enough we were both expecting babies within a couple weeks of one another! it has been such a joy to watch how their sweet ben has grown – and to know that our henry will surely have a perfect playmate to grow up with in the backyard. 😉 thanks, kelly and brad, for allowing me to capture your adorable family!

anderson15_edited-1 anderson16_edited-1 anderson21_edited-1 andersonwm3anderson1wm anderson2wm anderson7wm anderson9_edited-1

two | liam

so thrilled to be asked by the C family to capture their little family before a birthday celebration in honor of sweet liam. two is quite an age! i’ve personally watched each of my older three children fall at various points on the two year old spectrum…everything from laid back and easy (what’s that “terrible two stuff people talk about?? this is easy!) to intense, emotional, and downright willful (ohhhhhh, THIS is what people were talking about!) wherever these little people fall on that spectrum, one thing remains certain about two year olds: their innocence and silliness is beautiful. i love watching kids at this age learning about the world around them. i love hearing the silly songs they sing in their quiet (or loudest) voices. these years go by so fast, and i am so honored to have this family ask me back time and time again to capture this sweet boy as he grows. he’s just adorable (and so is his precious baby brother, clark!) 




new life | justin

i love photographing families. being invited in to capture the moments found within each unique season of life is something i feel is such a privilege; something i find such joy in. i have had the opportunity to do several sessions with this family and i have loved watching their little girl grow along the way, so when anne contacted me to do a session with their newest addition i couldn’t have been more excited. there is simply nothing like a newborn. the miracle of a new life just never gets old.  those early, sleep deprived days can be so foggy – and yet so fleeting.  i am so thankful for the chance to meet this sweet baby boy and capture these early moments for this growing family!




10 on 10 | december

the fall months tend to be some of the busiest for us. as we find our new rhythms with school and sports, i also find myself in the midst of my peak season for photography. i absolutely love it. the families i have had the opportunity to capture are all so special and unique…i truly have worked with the most wonderful people! with that said, in the midst of it all and as much as i wish it weren’t so, personal projects tend to take a back burner for me – like this 10 on 10 project has! i was determined, however, to make this month happen. this time of year is so special for our family. as soon as december began i found myself filled with excitement and anticipation for the coming days and weeks leading up to Christmas; celebrating the birth of Christ our Savior. there is much i have to be thankful for in this life, even amidst the challenges. i am so blessed. truly. but above everyone and everything, i am so thankful for my sweet Jesus. thankful he came to us as a tiny baby in a manger, to grow and walk amongst us. thankful that he allowed himself to be nailed to a cross, paying for my sins so i don’t have to. 

here’s a small peek into my family as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. as you’ll see, there’s a little of everything here! a little of the mundane and a little tradition, all precious moments i am thankful to have captured. 




















morning mini | daniel

i had so much fun during my mini session with daniel and his gorgeous mama, lisa. the weather was simply perfect and my subjects were just adorable/beautiful. 🙂 there really is nothing quite like capturing little ones – especially at this age. they are busy, curious, expressive and unpredictable – all things that make for fun and unique photo shoots. 🙂 i am so thankful to have had the opportunity to capture these two while they were visiting from chicago, and i hope his daddy enjoyed the new office decor we created for him! 

ImageImageImageImage Image